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Counseling Services

Therapeutic services provided to persons 13 and up.  

  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Counseling
  • Family Therapy

The most frequent reasons individuals enter psychotherapy are:


  • Because of a crisis, such as the loss of a relationship, divorce, problems with children or stress overload

  • For relief from ongoing problems such as depresssion, unsatisfying relationships, family or marital conflict, job dissatisfaction, or drug and alcohol abuse

  • For personal growth, enrichment of personal relationships, career developement, or increased self-confidence and self-esteem


Changes resulting from psychotherapy may be simple or far-reaching.  Psychotherapy may prove extremely beneficial for some individuals.  However, it is not possible to predict or guarantee how the changes may manifest themselves.


Risks of psychotherapy may include the experience of intense feelings, including sadness, anger, guilt, fear, or anxiety.  Other risks of therapy might include recalling unpleasant life events, increased awareness of feelings, values, and relationship difficulties, and changes in one's ability or desire to continue current relationships or to pursue previous goals.  Major life decisions are also sometimes made as a result of therapy, such as separation or divorce, changing jobs, or other lifestyle changes.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Response Prevention Therapy

Reframing Techniques

Couples Therapy/Gottman 

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